Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fill in your fate...

I sat for a multiple choice test today that acts as the first cut for admission to my company's leadership program. In the modern world, what word goes with roadside? Yes! You guessed it! BOMB! I guess I am not cut out to be a future leader in my company, since I couldn't even finish the numeric analysis part of the test. I aced the other part, the verbal part. A bit like the PSAT in that way: I got 730 on English, and only 550 on math. Generally this is not a good thing, to have the two separated by so much, but in the case of the PSAT, in order to come up with National Merit Scholars, they double the English and add the math (or at least they did in 1985, when I took the test).
This test was a kind of deja vu, in terms of filling in small dots with a number 2 pencil, and doing well on the verbal and poorly on the math, but I doubt that the feeling of 'been there, done that,' will extend to the result. I could rail against standardised tests as a means of determining a person's future, but that would be stupid: I have almost always been the beneficiary of them in the past, getting lots of scholarhip money out of my National Merit Scholarship, which allowed a poor boy like me to attend Carleton College, and before that an all expenses paid trip to come to Japan as a high school sophomore, which has changed my life.
After this test was done, which is the only one that the global program uses to determine eligibility, they gave us a personality test. Considering my poor score on the first test, I can only hope that my shining personality saves me overall. I somehow doubt it. Esepcially because that part of the test is being looked at by the Japanese side. It doesn't help that I am COMPLEX. c'est la vie. Sho-ga-nai in Japanese. I was told by one really senior guy yesterday that if I wanted to work for global, I needed to become really familiar with a specific part of the business, like customer service or something. He actually promised to send me if I had the proper skills by next year when he will need to make some choices. So, enough of fun and games, and time to get to work!


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