Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Horsing around

In the busy life of a Tokyo socialite such as myself, not a night goes by when I am not out and about in the capital of wa (at least for the last two). Tonight it was for that most refined of Japanese past-time: Horseracing. I was invited by John Garret, who works for Asia Netcom, which used to be known as Asia Global Crossing, and which employed Darryl Green, subject of a previous post. His ex-wife,  named Saito or Sato (maiden name? Remarried?), and who works for Goldman Sachs was also there.
It was held at the Tokyo City Keiba-jo, also sometimes called the Oi Keiba-jo ( keiba-jo means racetrack), and is called ゛Twinkle Races゛.
I did not win. It is a very good thing that my bonus is due in two days. Nuff said.
I was probably a little drunk and a little unhappy about losing, but should probablyl watch myself anyway: I created a bit of a scene because the waitress came and took our last drink order about 15 minutes before the last race started. John asked twice where it was and they made some excuses. The race came and went, and still no drinks. I first asked her again to bring the drinks and was probably slightly unpleasant, because, frankly, they screwed up.  So, rathe than bringing the frigging drinks, the woman goes to a Japanese woman who works for ANC and had the nerve to say that she had brought them.  I told her not to lie, and to bring our drinks immediately. So, she brings one beer, when none of the three people who I was sitting with had gotten their drinks.  It went on a bit more after that, but did not end happily...Sort of an unpleasant end to an overall enjoyable evening, and I feel bad that I played a big part in creating ill feelings.  I hate bad service, and probably hate bad service in Japan more than I should.  It is quite easy to feel like you get bad service because you are a gaijin, and in my case that has manifest itself in a tecchy attitude.  Probably need to tone it down about eight notches.
This busy socialite has managed twice, in five days, to draw unwanted attention to himself. I would say 'make an ass of himself', but that would suggest that I actually felt the usual sort of remorse, which I unfortunately don't.  The first case, which I didn't mention previously, was on Friday of last week, when I attended yet another sobetsu-kai at a quite senior person's house.  I was asked to provide some entertainment, so I volunteered to juggle.  Drinking before juggling turns out to be a no-no.  Even so, the act went alright until the point when I purposely threw one of my juggling bags at what I thought was a wall. It wasn't, it was a shoji screen, through which the juggling bag went.  The big shot got pissed off that I had destroyed his screen, though his wife was quite gracious.
Ah, c'est la vie.


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