Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A late night...

One of the features of working as I do as a project manager, and further as a project manager on projects that employ a lot of gaijin, is that I attend a lot of 'so betsu kai' or farewell parties. In fact, I would venture to say that in the last three months, during which the project I have been working on has been winding down, that farewell parties have probably been my major source of social activity.
Last night's bash was for a guy that I really like and respect, and I am sorry to see him go. It was held at Kushi Tokkyu, near Kamiya-cho station. As a manager I had to fork out 6,000 yen for the privelege, which I didn't have and had to borrow until pay day (Friday) from another colleague that used to work for me. I have recently started Atkins, and there was plenty in the meat department there, but I needed to avoid beer. Technically, Atkins, in the first two weeks, doesn't allow alcohol, and after that only in moderation. However, I had done my homework, and found that Japanese 'shochu', a kind of rice spirits similar to vodka or gin, has zero carbohydrates. Zero means that if you have one glass or ten it is the same. So, I had ten.
We progressed to the Town Cryer II, where we had 'one for the road.' Unlike a bout of successive 'one for the roads' that I had with an Irish friend of mine two weeks ago at Mad Mulligans, after which our bar tab totalled something like $200, this being a Monday, I really did only have one. The last shinkansen train leaves Tokyo at 10:44, and I made it with plenty of time to spare, unlike two weeks before, when I had missed it, and instead stumbled over to Legends in Roppongi to watch Japan play Bahrain, before conking out at the McDonalds while waiting for the first train home.


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