Monday, June 27, 2005


I played volleyball in a neighbourhood association tournament two weeks ago, and during the lead up to that and aftewards, both of my big toes were aching. I thought "this is an odd thing to have happen, perhaps it is because I am using different muscles in my feet than I usually do."
It turns out that I probably have gout. There aren't too many other reasonable explanations for pain in big toes except for that. I will go see the doctor in a few more hours. I have also been really easily fatigued recently, and I don't know if that is related or not. I will use that as the excuse, anyway, of why I haven't posted for the last two days. The reality is slightly more shameful for a so-called IT professional, which is that both of my desktop machines at home were out of commission this weekend, owing to some necessary repairs and data transfer. So much for three nines!
I will be attending the Mobile Monday soiree tonight, so hopefully I should get a post or two out of that!


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