Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Yes, it may hurt the mother less, but...

What about the poor child?
I will vary my fare slightly because I got a rather interesting Noopie on my mobile phone from Wai Wai about pregnant mothers who diet to the extent that their children are born underweight. The mothers had good things to say about giving birth to preemies, though the health of their child was damaged for life. They had fewer contractions, and childbirth went more smoothly. Weigh that against vastly increased risk of high blood pressure and heart disease. Hmm...
It is not quite as simple as that though: When my wife was pregnant, the prenatal classes kept hammering away at pregnant mothers minding their weight. I thought it was BS at the time, and told my wife so, but she said 'no, the doctors say that pregnant women really need to diet to make sure they don't gain too much weight during pregnancy.' Who was I, a mere husband with more commmon sense than her moron doctor, to argue with such airtight logic?
Yesterday, my wife met with the mother of one of my son's classmates. The purpose of the lunch meeting was to establish the ground rules for any relationship her family and mine may want to have. Basically, she was checking my wife out to make sure that her son didn't make friends with a kid whose mother she didn't like. In this case, actually, I spoke with the father, another one of a very small handful of Americans living in my city, and suggested a barbecue at my house. The mother was very disturbed by this, and wanted to define the scope of the relationship prior to any messy entanglements. GAWD!
Her son, it turns out, does not play with other children except at school, and in structured after-school activities, for which she purposely goes out of the school area to avoid meeting other mothers from her son's class.
The cause of this was because of some unpleasantness she apparently had with a mother when her (much older) daughter was elementary school age. Whatever...I understand her discomfort with her kids playing with kids whose parents you don't like--what parent hasn't had the experience? But what do I tell my son? Don't play with that kid because I don't like his parents? GET OVER IT! Chill! They aren't getting married, only playing together for gods sake!


Blogger Sujatha said...


This post caught my eye. I heard and read a lot of things when I was pregnant with my son, but that's the first time I've heard that women are advised to diet while pregnant! That one doesn't even pass the smell test! Just so wrong on so many levels.

About the playdate arranging tango you have to go through, I pity you, but LOL!

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Blogger Llama said...

I agree, it is unbelievable. An example of a 'concientous' new mother is at this site.. It is mostly to do with speeding up delivery, I think, which is mostly economic. If you thought U.S. medicene was economic, Japanese, while perhaps less profitable, is even more based on economics, often to the detriment of health. Another example is the fact that antibiotics are prescribed every time someone goes in for a cold. No wonder there are so many antibiotic-resistant baddies! Add that to the fact that doctors refuse to prescribe anything for more than 7 days, including anti-biotics which normally need to be followed for a 10-day course at least, and you have a bad recipe. Their refusal is economic: They want people to come back for prescriptions, as multiple visits are the way they really make money.

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