Monday, July 04, 2005

Time to buck up, sonny!

I realised today that I probably am sounding a little whiney. I hate whiney people, and really don't want to sound like one.
So, I decided that I need to be making forward progress, which could mean a lot of different things, but right now means that I want to be adding to my qualifications. I got turned down for our company's project management course, which is a bit of a joke, since I have been doing project managment for about three years now. Actually, the reason I want to take the course is to get the formal classroom training that I need to get the Project Managment Professional (PMP) certication from the Project Management Institute. I have met the experience requirement for the PMP, and if I work at it, should be able to get the certificate by the end of the year.
I also want to get my MCSE qualification. Don't ask me why, except that I am a geek, and as far as I know, no one else here has it. It is useful knowledge, and for a manager having a technical qualification, the more difficult to get the better, is useful for demanding respect from the troops (of which I am currently without, for reasons mostly having to do with the events I described in my last post). It is not an easy qualification, actually, and requires taking six different fairly difficult exams.
After I am done with that, I will look at getting the CCNA, or the Cisco Certified Network Architect, mostly because it is useful in the industry that I work in, and would be useful knowledge. When I am done conquering the world, I will be ready to sit down at get the first level on the Japanese language proficiency test, which is the test used for college admittance of foreign students. In fact, it is fortuitous that I should look at their web site today, since today is the first day that applications are being accepted.
Time to go home.


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