Thursday, August 11, 2005


Though I did absolutely nothing yesterday except sit in a vendor presentation, some impressions on the state of I.T. outsourcing did make themselves apparent. Not a long blog today, and I obviously can't talk about the specifics, but below are my impressions (by the way, if my typing is bad, I apologise: My power adapter on my notebook died, and so I am borrowing a local German notebook from the local office. All of the punctuation is on different keys, and the 'y' and 'z' are reversed.)
Anyway, my impressions:
  1. Indians have an interesting colour sense. It is definitely different from a western European one.
  2. Their slides were rather busy, rather like Japanese ones.
  3. One had the strong feeling that the software development part of the equation would be pretty strong, but that the important front-end requirement definition, etc. might pose problems, in terms of actually being able to do any analysis that insures that our requirements are met.
  4. There was a certain rigidity in thinking, that was interesting, having managed and worked with an Indian project manager and having observed similar thinking in him.
  5. Things like corporate social responsibility and handicap access, in a western-style compliance sense, don't seem to mean a lot.
  6. Their European handlers, whom we would presumably be dealing with, were quite poor, and it made me wonder at the arrogance of placing such idiots in charge of a group of Indians who were obviously so capable.

Perhaps the model makes sense for some, but in some ways it didn't work for me. I don't know whether the whole offshore thing is a bust, but in this case it was just off. Just my two rupee...


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