Friday, August 05, 2005


I haven't blogged in awhile. I would like to put it down to being so damned busy that I couldn't, which is semi-true, but I think that a certain summer malaise is closer to the truth.
I have mentioned Nooper before: They send out little mobile e-mails with information of various kinds that you subscribe to. I subscribe to Wai-wai, the Daily Mainichi's column, and to horoscopes. The horoscopes have been oddly prescient recently, and I would like to share:
Last Thursday, the Noopie horoscope (I am a Sagitarius, by the way) said:
You'll be eager to learn something exciting and adventuresome today. Take the chance to travel. A unique part of the city that offers authentic traditions from different cultural backgrounds will give you new ideas.
Guess what happened? Ok, I can see you already giving up! Yes! I fell asleep on the shinkansen on the way home, and got to see a quite different part of my prefecture (somewhat larger than the 'city' referred to in the horoscope): Nasu-Shiobara. Unfortunately it was midnight, and there were no trains left going back where I needed to be, so I also got to have the adventure of sleeping in the Nasu Station Hotel for the very reasonable fee of 7,700 yen, since my wife did not want to pick me up.
And then this morning, while waiting for the shinkansen, which was delayed by an hour, I found the following horoscope on my phone:
Hard work will pay off. Don't be too concerned about what others are doing--focus on your own criteria. The more self-sufficient you are, the further ahead you will get.
And what do you know? I get to work, and my boss is pissed off because I missed a 9:30 appointment that we had to discuss something else that she was already pissed off with me about. She didn't understand what the note was that I flashed her from JR explaining that my train was late, and wasn't in any mood to listen.
I had tried to call her P.A., who had hung up, and since I don't have my boss' mobile phone number, had not been able to get in touch to tell her that the trains had stopped and I would be late. I postponed the meeting until 3, by which time I had prepared a Powerpoint explaining the case of one of the other things that I had somehow managed to rub her the wrong way about, another presentation of the report that we had agreed before she left for her homeleave that I didn't need to work on, but which, upon her return yesterday, she couldn't understand why I hadn't prepared.
In additon to the lack of any attaboys for a very good job I did on another project I finished while she was gone, she went on to suggest that I was somehow defrauding the company by leaving over the weekend for my business trip, even though I fully intend not to claim per-diem or hotel expenses for those extra two days, and will be able to fit in an extra day, Monday, that I would have otherwise been travelling on. Later in the day she explained that she was less worried about me defrauding the company than she was about me talking to anyone during that extra day. Oh, what a relief! She doesn't think I am without moral, just incompetent.
Ah, but you see, this is where the the key word in the horscope really has lots of meaning: "will". Future tense. By tomorrow she will be over her cold and lack of sleep brought on by jet lag, and appreciate all of my hard work, which I did until 9 pm today, by the way. Hard work, in fact, which I have done for about two hours every night for the last five or six, at home.


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