Friday, September 23, 2005

The man of leisure...

...would be me, and so full of leisure am I that I haven't posted for five days! Shame!
In my abundance of leisure time, provided by national holidays this Monday and Friday, and paid holidays in-between, I have done the following:
  • Watched lots of DVDs of films captured by my TiVo-like device (which has a built-in DVD burner). I collected over 100 from NHK BS1 (no, not that sort of BS--it stands for 'Broadcast Satellite'), but had watched very few of them. My picks? There's Only One Jimmy Grimble, and The Wedding Singer. I am conflicted about Lulu on the Bridge: I like Paul Auster's work generally, and that includes this film, but think it was a somewhat amateurish effort by someone who has not mastered the medium. That having been said, the texture, the music, and the acting were excellent. I still want to know why an entire one minute of the film was dedicated to Celia unwrapping a CD.
  • Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my son. Great flick! My kid was weirdly uncommunicative for a couple of days, I think owing to the effects of some cough medicine that he was taking, but he was watching, and as soon as he was off the cough medicine he wanted to talk all about it, and to know what the English word 'violet' meant.
  • Worked out. I joined a gym located in front of Utsunomiya station, and have been working out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. My membership is a night-time membership that only allows me to use the facilities on weekdays between 8 pm and 11 pm. That is inconvenient for a man of leisure, especially on holidays, so I am considering changing my membership type. In the mean-time, I have been there three days straight, since I couldn't go in on Monday or tomorrow, Friday.
  • Planted Kentucky bluegrass. Actually, bought it, too: I was in Joyful Honda, probably the greatest home center anywhere, and I was looking at lawn care supplies, and there was a video going, and on the video they showed how to plant a lawn. They showed rolled sod, which I have been looking for, and kindly told me that it was available from Nasu Nursery, which is about 60 km north of here. So, today I drove up there, and picked up my sod. They had just cut it, and I picked it up in the middle of the field. Very fresh. I planted half the lawn, and will finish up tomorrow.
  • Created a new resume, at the request of a friend of mine who is trying to recruit me into the company he works for. Ironically, after we had finished drinking last Friday, we met the guy who hired him into the company. I spoke to him after my friend had taken his train, which was going the opposite direction. He called me yesterday, and wanted to talk to me about job possibilities at the company. So, I have two different people from the same company trying to get to me. A reasonably happy situation, since it is a very well-known and reputable company with lots of opportunity.
That's about it. Not much to tell.


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