Tuesday, September 27, 2005

When it rains, it pours...

Back at work this week, I am finally, after several months of not being, busy. Meetings, presentations created, phone calls made, people and projects tracked, all kinds of things.
And, with that as the background, the situation outside of my current position, vis a vis employement, is beginning to heat up: I previously mentioned speaking to two different people at my friend's company about a position, and now I also have an internal possibility in the U.K., and another request to come in for an interview with a large U.S. web merchant, based here in Japan. Interestingly, none of these things were solicited in any way, shape, or form. This is cool!
Also cool was how I spent yesterday: Working in one of my company's shops. It was called 'meet the customer', and I met not only one, but a whole bunch of them. The shop was in Roppongi, so about half the customers were non-Japanese. I sold some of our products, and felt like I contributed something to our important company goals, which is a good feeling. I.T. is sometimes a little too abstract, and it is a really great feeling to get to meet the people who we need to please in order to be successful. I would actually like to spend a few months doing that, not just a day.
My whirlwind tour of Monday culminated with a too-short trip to the gym, in which I did 21 sets of weight training in 30 minutes. It's gotta be a record.
And I realised tonight on the train home that the report that my boss will be taking into the GM meeting at 9:30 am is missing some data, so I actually need to get in there and make sure I get her the right one. (hint-that means I need to go to sleep right now in order to wake up on time)


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