Wednesday, October 19, 2005


My one-week hiatus from blogging was mostly because I didn't have much to talk about: I was doing all I could to get it together enough to get to work and home every day. With the help of earplugs, to block out any loud noises, which made me nauseous and dizzy, an eye mask to keep me from seeing out the windows of the Shinkansen, and fairly slow movements overall, I was able to get to work, plant myself in my chair, which I didn't move from very much, and then pack myself home, mostly.
Though I had been invited to after-work eating and drinking every single day of last week, I didn't attend any, since drinking, especially, is out of the question. As the day progressed, and I got more tired, too, I got dizzier. A night out didn't seem like a good idea.
I spent all day Tuesday at my favorite hospital, Jikkei University Hospital, undergoing a variety of tests. The doctor who first examined me said something like 'hmm...I'm not really sure what the problem is, but if you get a lot of rest for the next week or two, you should be alright.' I told him that wasn't good enough, that I wanted a clear diagnosis. Thus the tests. The diagnosis, however, has to wait until next Thursday, when I get to see a 'dizziness expert'. It is good that I had the tests when I did, though, since I am now feeling better, though not totally recovered.
I spoke with my sister, and she has had similar bouts, though never the can't-stand-up, full-on vertigo.
So, I am back to same old tricks. I am plugging along at work, a little more willing than I have been in awhile to fight with co-workers, if that is what it takes to get progress. Had a good fight last night, in fact. I never would have dreamed this was necessary, but where I work now there is nothing close to a 'can-do' attitude, in terms of achieving shared goals. I am working to change that, but giving someone a good bolloxing is sometimes necessary.
As for the promise-of-a-better-life vultures circling, two sets are still circling, and one other set will probably be in contact with me soon. One are completely lame in their communication, and I have pretty much given up on them.
I will try to be a better blogger, though blogging, in it's personal nature, is by definition when you have something you want to say. When things are spinning, though, and concentration is required just to function, it is not a first priority.


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