Saturday, October 29, 2005

Who you gonna call?

I can’t even remember exactly how I came across the page, but I found this page for a legal firm that specializes in military law. Digging slightly on the site, I found another page that gives examples of all the good work they do. It is a weird page for someone who is not a thief, a rapist, a sodomist, a pedophile, a drug user, a drunk, or a murderer to read. I guess with the number of people in the military there would be some bad apples, but my god! How many pedophiles can there be even among a million-person army? These guys got a least 10 of them off.
I guess that the page wasn’t aimed at me, but at the guys (and I think most of their clients are male) who are guilty as sin and want to get off or get a lighter sentence. Not the stuff of J.A.G. Makes me very slightly more sympathetic to the people of Okinawa, who want our military the hell off their island…


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