Sunday, November 06, 2005

Don't Speak to Soon...

No matter how much I may have wanted to be over my Meniere's episode, I wasn't, it turns out. I should have known that, as this is also part of the pattern. Having insomnia really didn't help at all. I was a bit of a zombie on Monday, a worse one on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I would have stayed home just to try and get some sleep, if it hadn't been that I had my last interview. Yes, that one--the one for the job in the U.K.
I was really serious about it, scripting answers for the kinds of questions I thought they might ask, which I was told would be based on the 'performance drivers' used by global HR to identify the right people for the job. The problem was that I was nauseous, dizzy, had a raging headache, etc.
I discovered a very unexpected thing, in my desperation: Our company has a bed that you can use if you don't feel well. If there was ever a time I needed to use it, last Wednesday was definitely it. I wasn't actually able to sleep (I was so tired that I couldn't sleep), but laying horizontal for a couple of hours did me good, I think.
The interview was by videophone. That is appropriate, actually, as the job is the global manager for videoconferencing. One of my interviewers (herr Doktor A) was in Dusseldorf, and the other in England. I was quite happy with how well I answered their questions, actually, especially one of these 'I am going to give you 3 minutes to think of the 7 steps you would need to perform in this case,' variety of questions. At the end, Herr Doktor A told me what was good (most of my abilities were a good fit), as well as what he had questions about (my passion for this particular position). I assured him that I was very interested in this job indeed.
Thursday was a national holiday, which we have off. I sent a thank you letter to my two interviewers thanking them for their time, and assuring them that I was very interested in this job. Friday I took a paid day off, and slept in. It is now Sunday, and I feel like I have finally caught up on sleep.
Tomorrow I was told that there will be an answer as regards the position, which I am happy about: I hate waiting around for these things. My wife still is opposed. The thing is, I have really thought this through, and I think it would be the best thing, by far: For my son, it would be great to expose him to enough English that he is able to speak fluently; for me, it would be a great career move, as there is much more opportunity for me in our global organisation than there is in Japan; for my wife, actually, she needs to broaden her outlook if she is to not drive me nuts, and this is a good opportunity for her to see that the world does not revolve around Utsunomiya, Japan, and that her ways of doing things are not necessarily universal, nor are her ways of viewing things, though they may be very orthodox in a Japanese context.
I will probably be leaving nearly immediately if I do get the job, though I am guessing it would initially be for a couple of weeks, to take over from the guy currently in the role, and then come back here and take care of some things, and then back to the U.K. for me, while my wife and son stayed in Japan until he finished his school year, after which they would join me.
Which is all very nice to think about, but just as I started this blog with don't speak too soon, so shall I end it...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a word of warning...
Your comments about your wife are a bit condescending. It almost makes me wonder if she will actually join you in April.

4:00 AM  
Anonymous tokyospinner said...

Fair enough. I acknowledged that she doesn't want to go, but think that it would be good for her. If you think that my reasons of broadening her experience are not good reasons for seeing a benefit in it for her, I don't quite get that. I left my own country to live in her country, challenging myself along the way, and accomodating myself to her country and her ways. I have nothing to regret, and I think that believing that a similar experience would be good for her, and strengthen our relationship, is pretty understandable.

7:58 AM  

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