Thursday, July 27, 2006

Air Show

Every year in Farnborough, the fast and the furious gather to show off the latest in aeronautic wizardry, and good ol' fashioned hotdogging. I paid £44 plus another £12 for the train (the traffic into that rather small town, with quite narrow roads, which are horrendous during the show, so even though it is only 10 miles away, we took the train). I am including a picture of the Airbus A380, the double-decker mammoth that will go into service some time next year, and will haul up to 800 people at a go.
Unfortunately, my normal digital camera with a 10x optical zoom lens gave up after a very few pictures, the battery running out. Pshaw! The image above was from my cell phone a Nokia N70, which isn't bad at all.
Unfortunately, after only about an hours worth of viewing pleasure, it started to rain and thunder, and we had to give up and go home, since we had no shelter, that only given to guests of the pavillions of various manufacturers. I actually have a guy working for me who used to build aircraft simulators, but forgot to ask him if he could get me tickets for one of the pavillions. One more thing on the list to do next time, in addition to taking folding chairs, waterproof wear, and earplugs. Oh yeah, and charging the batteries of my digital camera first.


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